The most popular iOS Apps, Android Apps, and Web Solutions broken down, understandable, and hourly development estimates for all sections. Seriously.

The key to reading an Appstimate is to look at it as a collection of many parts. Each of these parts are a module, and each module takes a developer a fairly predictable amount of time to build. While assessing an Appstimate, think of the modules as interchangeable between different apps. Mix them, match them, and put together an idea of how you app will be built - and importantly, the cost.

The Appstimate concept is new in the software development industry, and consulting in general, but we firmly believe in it. Our valued clients know more about their product before, during, and after delivery, in addition to having cost predicability from the time they reach to publication.

Knowing that your development budget will not be a runaway train is priceless.

Swipe to Meet App

154 hours iOS App Development

Tile-swiping UI, brilliant chat functionality, profile features galore, and double-opt-in protection. Many apps utilize features in this useful Appstimate!

Get a Ride App Image

Get a Ride App

169 hours iOS App Development

Smart geolocation and mapping, payments, and a reliable ride await! Pick it, poke it, use it; the Get a Ride App Appstimate is full of critical features.

Photo Social App Image

Photogenic Social App

Hours Soon iOS App Development

The ultimate image-based social app is now demysitified. Elegant feeds, photo control, and much more, the Photogenic Social App Appstimate is a staple!