Swipe to Match

UI often represent the magic behind an app, and card swiping has proven to be a UI feature that users genuinely use. The quick flick of the thumb is now an insticntual gesture toward which we all gravitate. It's simply fun and efficient.

Aside from the card swiping, Swipe to Match also includes matching, real-time chat, and a robust user profile - some of the most common components in social apps...

And even beyond! A marketplace, games, virtually any product, the mudular Swipe to Match Appstimate is:

  • A source of cool ideas
  • A collection of components that works in the app market
  • Broken-down into understandable, both economically and programmatically, modules
  • Living and breathing - updated to reflect changes

154 Hours

Using Firebase and Cloud Functions as a backend, this is a rather economical app when considering the ability to decrease backend development expenses.


Authentication via Facebook

  • 5 Hours

Authentication via Email and Password

  • 2 Hours

User Interface

  • Styled Input Fields, Buttons, + Logo
  • 4-5 Image Sliding/Swiping Use Tutorial
  • 5 Hours

Card Swiping Screen

Get Array of Nearby Users

  • 15 Hours

Card Swiping UI

  • Can use pre-packaged solution (fewer hours)
  • 25 Hours

Card Swiping Data Work

  • 10 Hours


Set, Edit, + Rearrange Profile Pictures

  • 20 Hours

About Me - Bio

  • 2 Hours


  • From Facebook
  • 1 Hour


  • 1 Hour

Distance Radius

  • 8 Hours

Age Range

  • 8 Hours

Hide Profile

  • 6 Hours

About Me - Bio

  • 2 Hours


  • 1 Hours

Delete Account

  • 1 Hours

Realtime Chat

Prepackaged UI

  • 15 Hours

Data Management

  • 15 Hours