Mobile App Developer, Mobile App Marketer, and Matt Maher.
About Sofwr

Being in the industry for some time now, it is clear that the mobile development and web development industries have evolved on a tremendously exciting technical track, but the business side remains quite separate.

In steps Sofwr. I aim to directly tie world-class, cutting-edge mobile apps and app marketing with the economic realities of industry. Business owners can make more comfortable and more confident decisions if they know more about their product - not only in a technical or coding sense, but in the time and monetary cost. Holistic development.

  • Plan
  • Estimate costs
  • Develop
  • Win

Meet Matt

Matt Maher

Matt Maher


Sofwr is me, Matt Maher. A lifelong hobbyist, I went pro as a developer in the early 2010s - focussed on building top-notch native iOS and Android apps, websites, embracing new technologies, and developing great client relationships. I bring a deep understanding of the mobile app space and have the capabilities to design, code, develop, and manage all phases of the mobile application, including its indroduction and ascent in the market.

Further supporting my development experience, I have a keen insight into what it takes for an app to be successful. My priorities are perfect function, intuitive UI and UX, and simple beauty. Also, I have a deep understanding of the meaning of deadlines and the reasons they exist. I do what it takes.

However, it takes more than a great idea and a professional mobile developer. I have 15 years of experience maintaining direct client relationships.

A tireless worker, detail addict, punctual, and a really nice guy, I am a pleasure with which to work. As such, many clients have continued to work with me for years. I will bring friendliness, flexibility, punctuality, and professionalism to meet your iOS and Android Development needs.

Currently, I am serving in as a consultant, CTO, and developer for projects in the Atlanta and southeast in addition to around the world.

Aside from my development work, I am a published iOS tutorial author for AppCoda and a programming interview assessment author for Interviewed. Outside of tech, I am a Berklee educated jazz musician, have nearly 15 years of teaching experience, and am a baseball guy.